SEO Hero Competition

Have you heard about the SEO Hero Competition? Well it’s an elaborate game to see if you can outrank one of the biggest web companies out there: Wix. Here are all of the details:, and my site: The SEO Hero in Las Vegas. Obviously we’re trying to be first for the search term “SEO Hero.” We are expert SEO’s here in Las Vegas. There are hundreds of entries, but I doubt it has reached into the thousands. If you’ve ever entered an SEO competition before, then you know things can get pretty tricky.

Will Wix Cheat in the competition by hand selecting the winner? Incase you didn’t check out the rules, they can disqualify anyone they want for not following the rules. One of the rules is abiding by Google’s SEO guidelines, but incase you’re wondering, this isn’t a black or white issue. It’s more of a personal opinion by the Wix judge. Hopefully all sites will be judged equally and unbiasedly.

What is SEO?

SEO with magnifying glassSEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving a websites chances of ranking on the search engines. Search engines are websites that you can type a query into, in order to find an answer. They provide answers by crawling the internet for information. These crawlers are often called search engine ‘spiders’.

Here are the 5 most popular search engines, according to Search Engine Watch:

  • Google, 1.6 billion estimated monthly unique visitors
  • Bing, 400 million estimated monthly unique visitors
  • Yahoo, 300 million estimated monthly unique visitors
  • Ask, 245 million estimated monthly unique visitors
  • Aol Search, 125 million estimated monthly unique visitors

You’ve probably already used Google. Maybe you were looking for holiday gifts so you typed “best holiday gifts for women 2016.” The query, or keyword, you used in this case was “best holiday gifts for women 2016.” Users often start with a general search, such as “holiday gifts” and then narrow down their searches to be more specific, in order to get more relevant search results.

The process of SEO involves optimizing a website in order to make that website more relevant to its ideal users.

For example, if you were a technology blog covering topics on holiday gifts, you might title your post “best technology gifts for women 2016.” This would be a good fit if you discussed things like cameras, cell phones, technology accessories, etc. However this would not be a good fit if you discussed car insurance. This would not be good for search engines and users!

The most important thing to know about SEO is that you should only optimize a website for users, never for search engines. Ultimately it is the search engines job to decide what content deserves to rank on the first page of search results. Your job as a business owner or website owner is to make sure your website best serves your users.

Our Recommended SEO Tips For Beginners:

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